Welcome From Principal

My centre was founded on a dream I have had ever since I migrated back from Canada - to bring the advantages of western schooling to Hong Kong. Ever since I started teaching English as a private tutor many years ago, I have endeavoured my absolute most to provide a stimulating educational environment to my students and to create a lively learning atmosphere - something often overlooked by traditional local schools running large classes.

I looked very hard to find the right balance between making the lessons fun and out-of-the-box, while at the same time practical and applicable to our students' school work. To do this, I have had to meticulously design a syllabus that suits the unique niche of Hong Kong school children. I have also had to train a team of dedicated tutors so that they can develop a teaching style which matches the vision of my centre.

Children are a continual source of happiness and inspiration to me. Children, including my own, have at different times helped solve conflicts and brighten up my day. As a parent and tutor, I found out that understanding the psychology of children, that is, trying to consider things from their angle and to approach the world in their shoes, has been conducive to my way of teaching. I have instilled many of the insights I have gained as a parent into the soul of my centre: both at home and at work, I teach children with patience and love. I aim to widen their horizons by teaching around a subject area, and I try to develop in them a sense of righteousness and a correct set of personal and social values so that they will grow up to be people of integrity.

Maple Tree Education Centre is a place where we place importance on education, not merely examination results; it is a place where we put past achievements aside and seek out the seed of potential in each and every student, nurture it and help it grow. It is my hope that through the centre, I will be able to pass on my teaching philosophy to parents who come across our centre.

Let us walk hand in hand with our children down the path of education!

Miss Carrie Chan, The Principal