Why Choose Us?

    • Learn with fun
    • Nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem
    • Foreign schooling and enjoyable atmosphere
    • Provide high quality of education
    • Small group with individualized care
    • Professional team with full time native teachers
    • Caring, passionate and dedicated
    • Teaching with heart and patience


I have been studying at Maple Tree for three years. Three Year ago, my English was very bad. I couldn’t talk to my classmates in English. Then, I started to study at Maple tree, At that moment, English tutor Ms Rhea was very patient in teaching me. In the lesson ,she always played some English games with us. It made the lesson interesting and funny. After that ,she would teach us do English worksheet. So, my English is much better than before and now, I am more confident. At present, I am still enjoying attending my Maple Tree classes very much!
Joyin Lo Chun Yin :
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About Maple Tree

We take care of your kids

Maple Tree Education Centre endeavoured our absolute most to create a lively learning atmosphere to stimulate students' multifaceted talents. Infusing our passion into a meticulously designed syllabus, we hope that all of Maple Tree's students can learn and use English with confidence and will attain great achievements in the future.
Our Philosophy
At Maple Tree Education Centre, we aim to use love and passion to rekindle our students' interest for English and to nurture the next generation of self-motivated leaders. We offer diverse courses tailor-made to suit each individual's needs in hope that they can one day grow up to be like a sturdy maple tree - prudent, provident, and prosperous.