P.1 & S.1 Interview Courses (K.1-3; P.5-6)

Students in the past successfully entered: 


Diocesan Girls’ Junior (DGS) Victoria International Primary School St. Paul’s Convent St. Paul’s Primary Catholic St. Paul’s College Primary Raimondi College primary Section


King’s College St. Paul’s College Queen’s College Good Hope School Ying Wa College St. Paul’s Convent School Raimondi College St. Stephen’s Girls’ College Scacred Heart Canossian College This course equips every student with the perfect interview skills from subtleties such as manners and communication to required tasks such as conversation and story description. Importantly, coaching is done with past interview questions taken from band 1 schools, so students will be prepared to handle tricky questions and situations on the spot. Individual and group interview demonstrations and practice are given to ensure students can perform to their highest potential. K.1 - K.3 HK$250 / lesson P.5 - P.6 HK$300 / lesson