Meet Our Teachers

Miss Corelene (Head Teacher)

I moved to Hong Kong with my family in 1995 where I was first exposed to a multi-cultural environment and this gave me the opportunity to learn more about different cultures, new languages and meet friends from different ethnicities. This adjustment also gave me the chance to grow holistically as a person and helped me better interact with other people. Growing up in a big family, I have always looked up to my parents whom I consider my best teachers. They have taught me and my siblings the importance of education and how we should never stop learning each and every day.

After I completed my Bachelors Degree of Media Production from a University, I am a firm believer that effective communication is a vital life skill. I have always engaged in activities that helped develop my confidence and communication skills as I was growing up.

Though my earlier professional career started off in the sales and marketing industry, I have always been passionate about teaching, communicating and public speaking. In the past, I did my part time job to tutor kids who were interested in learning the English language, improve their speaking abilities and develop their confidence through public speaking. Besides, I did volunteer work and provided assistance to teachers to care for kids who were mentally and physically incapacitated. I was also given the opportunity to teach Sunday school classes to young women.

I am so grateful to have been given this privilege to be a part of Maple Tree Education Centre and I look forward to providing our students an interactive, fun and friendly learning environment.

Miss Claudia

I am originally from Portugal, I hold a master in Psychology of Education, Development and Counseling and a TEFL certificate. During my studies, I’ve travelled around Europe giving me the possibility to learn and study other languages such as Spanish and Italian.
Last year I lived in Guangzhou, Mainland where I had my first international teaching experience as an English teacher. After that, I’ve decided to move to Hong Kong and embrace a new challenge.
As an English teacher, I would like to create a warm, creative and pleasant learning environment to my students, build up their confidence, making the lessons fun and out-of-the-box, I believe that students learn more and better when they feel it is enjoyable.
In my free time, I like discovering new places in Hong Kong, meeting new people and new cultures, and traveling is my biggest passion.

Miss Charisse

After graduating from Silliman University with a BA in English Language, I pursued a career in Beijing, China and taught at a University for several years. During my free time, I volunteered as a parent story teller at my son’s kindergarten and offered tutoring in groups or one on one. Being an English teacher and a parent to a bilingual child gives me a good understanding of English as a Second language and develop a well-rounded skill in teaching ESL to children and appreciate parent-teacher relations as important for the child's interest.

I am a strong believer of communicative teaching. Students and teachers learn from each other. Children are very imaginative, creative, enthusiastic and unique in their own right. I like to encourage them to express themselves especially in writing, help build their confidence through play and oral presentations and teach them not to be afraid to make mistakes as long as they learn something from it at the end of the day.

In my free time, I like to make myself busy and fruitful. I enjoy reading and travelling.
Miss Nadine

I am a native English speaker from the UK. Shortly after completing my BA in Fine arts I began travelling around parts of Oceania and Indonesia, experiencing the different cultures and traditions.
Before I began my travels, in my free time i would volunteer at my local youth club arranging and participating in various sporting and art and craft activities for the local children.

After receiving my TEFL certificate I moved to Hong Kong to pursue my career ambition in teaching English. I believe that teaching is more than just a job. Teaching provides a personal satisfaction knowing that you are making a difference in someone's life.

I like to bring my patience, passion and positive attitude to the classroom, to enable a warm and fun learning environment where the students can thrive and enjoy every aspect of learning and developing in their new language.

Miss Rachel

I am originally from Australia. I hold a Bachelor of Education in English Language Education and a certificate in TESOL. Apart from being an English teacher for more than ten years, I am also an experienced drama teacher, playwright, dance choreographer and an author of children storybooks.

My love for the creative and performing arts has taken me on many different and amazing journeys along my career and has shaped me into becoming a more innovative and diversified teacher. I bring together my experience in different fields to create an all-rounded learning experience in the classroom.

It is my goal to ignite creativity, imagination and a love for the English language in my students through fun and interactive activities. I encourage my students to express their feelings, thoughts, and ideas in creative ways through reading, speaking, writing and drama.

My students love coming to English class because there is never a dull lesson. I make sure they have FUN while they are also LEARNING something interesting. I want my students to grow up with a desire for learning and a passion that will drive them to wherever their dreams may be.
Mr. Terry

I am from Vancouver, Canada, with a degree in Business Management. Educating and empowering people to maximise their potential is what I am passionate about. With experience in teaching phonics, speaking, grammar, sentence structure and everyday business language to people from two years old to 50+ years old, I feel confident I can help each student exceed their goals and expectations.

Living in five different countries and travelling to 24 countries on my own, gave me the opportunity to learn about new cultures and communicate with people who don’t speak the same language as you. Teaching requires certain character traits that will allow students to have a memorable learning experience. Communication, patience, empathy, passion and a positive attitude are those aforementioned traits. Travelling allowed me to develop those abilities and I’m very excited about this opportunity to inspire and motivate the next generation.

In my free time, I enjoy sports, hiking/working out, travelling, writing, photography, meeting new people and learning new languages.

Miss Christina

I fell in love with teaching when I worked as a tutor in a university reading and
writing centre. As a tutor, I worked with university students from 70 different
countries. After I completed my Bachelor degree in English from Hawaii, I went back
to Singapore where I worked as an English teacher.

Teaching has brought me to many different countries and my fondest memories
lies in China and New York. After I completed my work contract in China, I decided to
pursue my Masters in the teaching of English in New York.

When I was in New York, I had the chance to work in both a public school and an
elite private school. I worked with 7th and 10th grade students. I taught them
English Literature. I find the work of a teacher very fulfilling and I hope to continue
inspiring my students on their own learning journeys.

As a teacher, I believe the knowledge we share with our students should increase
their conceptual understanding of the world. I want my students to take the
language skills they have acquire to become proficient and astute readers of this
world. I believe every child is a talent and has the potential to succeed.

I look forward to working with my students at Maple Tree Education Centre where
we can make learning fun and imaginative.
Miss Anna

With many years of teaching experience, and teaching in over 100 different schools, I specialize in equipping children with the skills for debating competitions and writing. My skills have been highly sought after to host teacher training workshops about Phonics Awareness to both high school and playgroup teachers in Hong Kong and Macau. Each of my classes is carried out to encourage students to think creatively and enthusiastically.

In order to ensure a fun and educational environment for my students, I stick to my belief in which students are a reflection of my teaching. I teach my kids to be compassionate and eager to learn by being compassionate and eager to teach. By understanding my students, I can better cater to their needs and engage them accordingly. I believe with good learning attitude, any student can tackle any problem. This is what I hope to give my students; the right learning attitude.

Miss Natasha (Head Teacher of Hill Road Centre)

I am a native English speaker from the UK. After studying at the University of Wolverhampton where I gained my degree in Linguistics and TESOL, I came back to Hong Kong and have been teaching in multiple different institutions including kindergarten, primary and secondary schools where I taught a diverse number of courses. I believe that as a teacher it is your duty to create a safe, fun and engaging environment for learners so that they feel immersed in the new language they are learning and discovering and want to constantly develop their language skills to the best of their ability. I hope that through this environment the learners gain the confidence needed to use their English language skills inside as well as outside of the classroom.
Miss Beatrice

I am a Native English speaker who has studied here in Hong Kong as well as in the UK so I am very familiar with both types of curriculum. I have been a Native English teacher for the past two years and it has been such an enjoyable and rewarding experience. As an English teacher, I am passionate about making English fun for my students to learn, whilst retaining a stable and creative educational environment.

With my Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, I encourage my students to expand their imaginations and to be creative in their thinking. I strive to help my students to think outside the box, and I welcome the interesting ideas they put forward. Each student is different, and has different strengths and I do my very best to adapt the material to each student so that they can fully understand what they are learning.

It is also extremely important for me, as a teacher, that my students gain confidence in themselves. When students are confident in their abilities, they are not afraid to make mistakes and ask for help, which I feel gives them the best opportunities for their educational growth.