Meet Our Teachers

Miss Claudia

I am originally from Portugal, I hold a master in Psychology of Education, Development and Counseling and a TEFL certificate. During my studies, I’ve travelled around Europe giving me the possibility to learn and study other languages such as Spanish and Italian.
Last year I lived in Guangzhou, Mainland where I had my first international teaching experience as an English teacher. After that, I’ve decided to move to Hong Kong and embrace a new challenge.
As an English teacher, I would like to create a warm, creative and pleasant learning environment to my students, build up their confidence, making the lessons fun and out-of-the-box, I believe that students learn more and better when they feel it is enjoyable.
In my free time, I like discovering new places in Hong Kong, meeting new people and new cultures, and traveling is my biggest passion.

Miss Valeria

I fell in love with English language in my teens, and when the time came to choose my future study path, I went on to get a Bachelor degree and later a Master degree in English Philology and World Literature.

I absolutely love working with children! That moment when my students finally know the right answer to a challenging question and their faces light up in pure joy is the moment I treasure greatly in my teaching work. I strongly believe that my first and foremost task as a teacher is not just to pass the material to children but to inspire them to love learning and to be hungry for more and more knowledge.

Every child is talented! In my free time I enjoy reading psychology literature, especially works that focus on child psychology, so I can connect with my students better and at the same time make my teaching technique more efficient in bringing out and nurturing the talent and potential of each and every one of my students.

In my opinion, constant learning and development is the surest way to be successful in life and that’s why I am always looking for new ways to teach, so that children can really enjoy the process and can start sharing my attitude to learning in general.
Miss Corelene

I moved to Hong Kong with my family in 1995 where I was first exposed to a multi-cultural environment and this gave me the opportunity to learn more about different cultures, new languages and meet friends from different ethnicities. This adjustment also gave me the chance to grow holistically as a person and helped me better interact with other people. Growing up in a big family, I have always looked up to my parents whom I consider my best teachers. They have taught me and my siblings the importance of education and how we should never stop learning each and every day.

After I completed my Bachelors Degree of Media Production from a University, I am a firm believer that effective communication is a vital life skill. I have always engaged in activities that helped develop my confidence and communication skills as I was growing up.

Though my earlier professional career started off in the sales and marketing industry, I have always been passionate about teaching, communicating and public speaking. In the past, I did my part time job to tutor kids who were interested in learning the English language, improve their speaking abilities and develop their confidence through public speaking. Besides, I did volunteer work and provided assistance to teachers to care for kids who were mentally and physically incapacitated. I was also given the opportunity to teach Sunday school classes to young women.

I am so grateful to have been given this privilege to be a part of Maple Tree Education Centre and I look forward to providing our students an interactive, fun and friendly learning environment.

Miss Charisse

After graduating from Silliman University with a BA in English Language, I pursued a career in Beijing, China and taught at a University for several years. During my free time, I volunteered as a parent story teller at my son’s kindergarten and offered tutoring in groups or one on one. Being an English teacher and a parent to a bilingual child gives me a good understanding of English as a Second language and develop a well-rounded skill in teaching ESL to children and appreciate parent-teacher relations as important for the child's interest.

I am a strong believer of communicative teaching. Students and teachers learn from each other. Children are very imaginative, creative, enthusiastic and unique in their own right. I like to encourage them to express themselves especially in writing, help build their confidence through play and oral presentations and teach them not to be afraid to make mistakes as long as they learn something from it at the end of the day.

In my free time, I like to make myself busy and fruitful. I enjoy reading and travelling.
Miss Carla

I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2010 with a Bachelor in General Studies. Shortly after, I completed a TESOL certificate and came to Asia to teach English. I taught in Beijing for five years and in 2014 obtained a CELTA teaching certification. In 2016 I moved to Hong Kong to continue to pursue my love of teaching.

I find teaching extremely rewarding, the everyday interaction with the students and the opportunity to see their language learning flourish is truly gratifying. For me teaching is a lifelong profession and something I’m very passionate about. It’s wonderful when you can love what you do every day!
Miss Christina

I fell in love with teaching when I worked as a tutor in a university reading and
writing centre. As a tutor, I worked with university students from 70 different
countries. After I completed my Bachelor degree in English from Hawaii, I went back
to Singapore where I worked as an English teacher.

Teaching has brought me to many different countries and my fondest memories
lies in China and New York. After I completed my work contract in China, I decided to
pursue my Masters in the teaching of English in New York.

When I was in New York, I had the chance to work in both a public school and an
elite private school. I worked with 7th and 10th grade students. I taught them
English Literature. I find the work of a teacher very fulfilling and I hope to continue
inspiring my students on their own learning journeys.

As a teacher, I believe the knowledge we share with our students should increase
their conceptual understanding of the world. I want my students to take the
language skills they have acquire to become proficient and astute readers of this
world. I believe every child is a talent and has the potential to succeed.

I look forward to working with my students at Maple Tree Education Centre where
we can make learning fun and imaginative.
Mr. Jason

Communication and interaction between people and also the consumption of everyday information plays an indispensable role in our daily lives. As a Media graduate from the city of Manchester in England, I have realised that the importance of English is boundless because it is a communication tool that is used in most, if not all, aspects of our society.

I moved to Hong Kong permanently in 2011 and have been teaching English as a Native English teacher ever since. I find that teaching English is exceptionally challenging and that every lesson offers me something new and different. Finding fresh ways to make every lesson more enjoyable and interacting with kids from very different backgrounds are the main reasons that drive me as an English teacher, and also the reason why I enjoy teaching so much. I hope to educate my students to be more than mere users of English; rather, I hope they will learn to communicate comfortably and fluently, and in doing so take pride in unlocking new opportunities for a brighter future.

Miss Kristine

I am a Native English speaker. My family is from New York and I’ve been teaching English in Hong Kong for 8 years. Being a well-rounded teacher, I have had the opportunity to teach diverse group of students. It’s always been a passion to teach and nurture students. With the right techniques, materials and most importantly, teaching attitude, I am sure this will do wonders to students.

Furthermore, I try to help my students develop their ability to assess, create and articulate ideas. I try to be an exemplary teacher by developing strong curriculums with the knowledge and experience to support it and set high academic standards for both my students and I.

As a teacher, I constantly evaluate my performances in the classroom every time I teach. This includes; assessing how well I presented the material, what students’ reactions to the material were, and coming up with ideas on how to improve upon my presentations to maintain students’ interest.

The teaching experiences I have gained, and the supports I have found in my colleagues have all contributed. In sum, my philosophy is one which strives to give all students an equal opportunity to learn by promoting intellectual diversity in the various ways it manifests itself in academia.
Miss Anna

With many years of teaching experience, and teaching in over 100 different schools, I specialize in equipping children with the skills for debating competitions and writing. My skills have been highly sought after to host teacher training workshops about Phonics Awareness to both high school and playgroup teachers in Hong Kong and Macau. Each of my classes is carried out to encourage students to think creatively and enthusiastically.

In order to ensure a fun and educational environment for my students, I stick to my belief in which students are a reflection of my teaching. I teach my kids to be compassionate and eager to learn by being compassionate and eager to teach. By understanding my students, I can better cater to their needs and engage them accordingly. I believe with good learning attitude, any student can tackle any problem. This is what I hope to give my students; the right learning attitude.