Maple tree is an excellent centre for my son, delivering enthusiastic and interest in English. Exercises demonstrated simple but effective understanding of English principles and concepts. Keep up the good work!
From the parents of Nathan Ho
Dear Miss Chan,

I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you have taken to Jaden. From day one when Maple Tree opened, I was pass by and was searching for an education center for my son. You talked to me over two hours for the courses that were best fit to my son. Your passion and your profession impressed me. Jaden enjoys each and every class of yours and used to look forward to go to meet Miss Chan and Miss Sarah. Instead of calling \"Maple Tree Phonics and Reading Club\". Jaden used to call Miss Chan's class or Miss Sarah's class!

I really appreciate you helped Jaden to learn in an interesting way. Jaden can interact with teachers during classes. You not only helped him in getting a good start in phonics (which was really a mess at the beginning), but also in developing a keen liking for reading. I also thank you for encouraging him to participate in the class and present his ideas in front of the class which he thoroughly enjoyed and he has more confident to speak English with foreigners.

I thank you again for all the wonderful work you and your team (Miss Chan, Miss Sarah, Miss Anna, Miss Jade, Kitty and Christine) have done and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

From the parents of Jaden Leung
My three children aged 5 and 3 (twins) are currently attending English and Spanish classes at Maple Tree. Principal and teachers of Maple Tree appreciate that each child is unique and by grouping children according to their learning ability and pace (as opposed to age), each child is taught at a level that matches his/her ability. Small-group learning ensures adequate attention is given to each child. All my children are very happy at Maple Tree!
From the parents of student Tung Man Hei,
Johnathan and his twin siblings.
I have learned in Maple Tree since I was in Primary 3. I love learning here because the teachers are nice, kind and patient. With their guidance, I can learn English well.

Being ahead of the school's teaching pace allow me to learn much better as I can learn here and recap in school. Flexible and creative teaching style make the class interesting and we all enjoy our learning.

Maple Tree is well aware of each of our strengths and weaknesses and consistently reminds us to work on our weaknesses. The classwork volume is about right and never make us tired. The teachers explain everything clearly and teach us until we all understand and they never push. I really love learning in Maple Tree!!!
From Adrian Leung
Dear Ms Carrie Chan,
Just a quick note to let you know that my daughter Grace Cheng rated you very highly since she joined your class! She said that Ms. Chan is the best English teacher ever & she enjoyed the class very much.
Grace told me that she received a lot of encouragement from you during the lesson and she now dare to try something new without being scared of making some mistake as she knows that Ms. Chan conduct the class with patient & love!
Really appreciated your approach in developing the children not only the language skills but also confidence & a correct set of personal values! A big thumb up!
Grace is so longing forward to go to your class every week!
Thank you very much !
From Grace Cheng's Mother
I love Maple Tree a lot !!!
I have studied at Maple Tree since 2010. In Maple Tree, I am very happy because I learn with many peers. They are very nice and good to me. We also play games and learn many different things together. For these 3 years, I have learned much about sentence structure. I also learn about grammar and how to use it. However, the most memorable thing is I have improved my writing skills a lot! In the past, I only could write a few lines but now I am able to write 10 lines minimum. Maple Tree helps me a lot in this area. I feel really thankful and appreciated to Maple Tree.
From Student Flex Kwok
We like Mr. Remo because he is funny. He always says that he is an alien from a planet called 'Mahogon' and the aliens are oranges. He is so kind to us and he is good at teaching. He is awesome, and he teaches us a lot, in an interactive and fun way. We like Ms. shadow because she is nice.
From Edison Wong Hok Him & Hailey Chan Lok Hei
I have been studying at Maple Tree for three years. Three Year ago, my English was very bad. I couldn’t talk to my classmates in English. Then, I started to study at Maple tree, At that moment, English tutor Ms Rhea was very patient in teaching me. In the lesson ,she always played some English games with us. It made the lesson interesting and funny. After that ,she would teach us do English worksheet. So, my English is much better than before and now, I am more confident. At present, I am still enjoying attending my Maple Tree classes very much!
Joyin Lo Chun Yin :
Thank you very much to all staff and teachers on time and place that is given to my son to learn the English language, so that made my son's smart, diligent, polite and cheerful. Maple Tree is very good and the best
From the parents of Dickson Tung King Yau
I have learn in Maple Tree since P.1.The teachers are very nice and patient. Miss Diana teaches me grammar and when I have problems, she will help me to solve. My English have improve a lot. It's a happy time to learn in Maple Tree.
Nicole Chan Man Hei
Time Flies, I’ve been learning at Maple Tree Education Centre for 5 months. I love learning there as the writing topics are funny and unique. What’s more, the teachers are always passion about teaching. They are friendly, patient and kind, they let us be creative all the time.
I would like to give the special thanks to Ms Jade, she teaches me writing. I enjoy learning in her lessons very much because the lessons are interesting. She play a lot of attention to us and listen to us. My favourite lesson from her is ‘My Favourite TV Show’ I had so much fun.
From Angus Ip (G2 student)
I'm so happy to learn at Maple Tree because I love the class games, teachers and classmates. My little sister Queena also learns here. She is also happy and loves her teacher very much.
From Darren & Queena Kuo's parents